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Welcome to Foodpunk.

On a mission to become the world’s leading digital nutritionist.

“Food is medicine“

More than half of the adults in Germany suffer from obesity and more than 8% of the children. The treatment of diet-related illnesses and consequential damages costs the German health care sector 17 billion Euros yearly. 

With the right nutrition it‘s not only possible to reach the absence of illness, but also an increased mental fitness, energy in daily life, regeneration and slow aging. But a change in nutrition often feels inconvenient, doesn’t taste good and nutritional advice is confusing for the layman.

Foodpunk creates personalized meal plans with an app developed by nutrition scientists. We are the data-driven, science-based, smart nutritionist in your pocket. 50.000 customers, clinics, physicians and trainers trust our advice. We work D2C and B2B2C with health experts that need our services for their patiens and clients.

And we know how to make you love your new way of eating!

Our goal is to raise up to 4 Mio EUR venture capital until 10/2022. With a dedicated team, a strong traction, a high potential SaaS business model, a loyal customer base and constant growth, we’re ready to scale to the next level.

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